Landing on a Guy's Route

1.)To land on a path, choose at least half the choices listed under a guy to get enough affection points.
2.)There are choices that deduct affection points.
2.)You can gain enough points to pick among 2 or 3 guys just before the routes branch.

Choose his name
We can't slack off in our situation
Discuss and prepare first

Throneroom -> Activate it
Small area in the courtyard
Make the gate to the palace disappear and reappear (Deducts Xallaun and Cyraen's Points)

Look for money
Go back to the gate
Use his idea (deducts points for Xallaun)-> Convince Xallaun to go for more gold

I can't have fun by myself. I'll help the others clean up -> Privacy Matters(deducts points for Xallaun)
Watch the battle -> Cheer for Kione (deducts points for Alexander)

(Mostly at the courtyard except for late ch2, and stays inside the apartment)

Choose his name
We should see how Cyraen's doing
Take Precautions

Continue in the Star Plane -> Choose the risky choice
Just outside this gate
Don't risk anything (Deducts Xallaun and Kione's Points)

Ask around about the incident
Sell off some of Xallaun's belongings (Deducts Xallaun's Points) -> Leave a bid option

Buy some breakfast for Cyraen -> Ignore Them
Check the other events -> Target Practice
Kione, you should join (deducts Kione's points) -> Check up on Cyraen

Choose his name
Have Fun
Open the gate. We can't progress unless we move forward

Check Hazards -> Venture in
Treacheress Lands choice
Go ahead and make the invisible gate appear (Deducts Kione's and Cyraen's Points)
Gem Charge Shop (deducts Kione's points) -> We can't accept free help

Go wait for Xallaun -> Choose Xallaun
Fix the gem

I can't have fun by myself. I'll help the others clean up -> Xallaun was just helping you (deducts Kione's points)
Go With Xallaun -> Keep going with Xallaun
I want to participate -> Choose Xallaun

(Mostly everywhere else that isn't the shops or the park)

Ch2 End:
It's the source of the voice. Use the orbs to stop it
Approach him
North of town
Academy -> How did you defeat the Doom Gazers
Find Cyraen before help arrives -> This is my chance! Go find Cyraen

Go wait for Xallaun -> Choose Alexander
Use Kione's advertising idea (Deducts Xallaun's Points) -> Accept Alexander's offer
I want to participate -> Choose Alexander

Browse around until they get back -> Join for breakfast (Deducts Ralys's Points)
Watch the battle -> Watch with Alexander (deducts Kione's points)

I'll take Alexander
Take the safest route

(Mostly at the park)

Ch2 End:
It's the power source. Try to control it!
Approach him
Park -> Ask about his powers
Find Cyraen before help arrives -> Stay and help the heroes

Go out -> Go to southern Azearya
Sell Xallaun's things (Deducts Xallaun's Points) -> When Ralys arrives, Let him buy it

Browse around until they get back -> Stop stepping on his foot (Deducts Alexander's points)
Go with Xallaun -> Join the crowd by the bridge
Kione, you should join (deducts Kione's points) -> Talk to Ralys

I'll take Ralys
The route on my right

(Always at the shops)

Ch2 End:
It's what I thought was the new gate. Make it disappear!
Approach him (the fan)
Shops -> It was an accident
Free the people

Go Out -> Shop around here
Gem Recharge option -> Accept Zhel's help

I'm still hungry. I'll try some more food -> We can get some breakfast together while I wait
Check the other events -> Watch the crafter's contest
Kione, you should join (deducts Kione's points) -> Talk to Zhel

I'll take Zhel
Float across with orbs

Chapter 7: Character Routes

1.)Choosing more dark choices will land you on the guy's dark path. Choosing more 'light' choices will land you on the guy's light path.
2.)When you land on a guy's path in chapter 7, their route will unlock in the shortcuts screen. You can access this screen through the title screen.

Ralys's Route

Find the others. They might be in trouble!: Bad End
Recover from my dizziness: Continue

Was it me?: Light
Who were you protecting?: Dark

Staying here is dangerous. We'll slowly lose to the stars: Light
We can't leave until we find the others: Dark

No, don't be silly: Dark
Yes, I do like him: Light

Whatever you were born with can't be bad: Light
Try and control it before we both get consumed: Dark

Stay! We have to save him!: Bad End
Leave! We can't handle this entity!: Continue

Fight back: Bad End
Return Ralys to me: Continue

It's not your fault: Light
Tell me what's going on: Dark

I never rejected you: Light
I have no relationship with Xallaun: Dark

We must do our best to find the others first: Light
We must face the Princess of Ruin: Bad End
Embrace your power. It saved us last time: Dark

Cyraen's Route

Dark: Making Cyraen remember pain and feel controlled will enhance his darkness.

Find the others. They might be in trouble!: Bad End
Recover from my dizziness: Continue

You can't go to sleep!: Light
Cyraen, what do you want to forget?: Dark

It's okay to have worries: Light
I'll help you control your emotions: Dark

Staying here is dangerous. We'll slowly lose to the stars: Light
We can't leave until we find the others: Dark

Your skill will come in handy after you're well-rested: Dark
You don't have to be useful all the time: Light

Don't lose hope. There's still a way: Light
What happened to you? Dark

Stay! We have to save him!: Bad End
Leave! We can't handle this entity!: Continue

Fight back: Bad End
Return Cyraen to me: Continue

Stop controlling him!: Dark
Don't lose to the stars!: Light

I don't hate this version of you: Light
I want you to become the old Cyraen again: Dark

Wait! Don't leave me here!: Light
I'll trust you...: Dark

I have no feelings for those two: Light
You are the only one for me: Dark

Xallaun's Route
Dark: Xallaun will be consumed in his own darkness. Choices that let him stay consumed by star magic/dark power will weaken him and he'll cave in to dark thoughts.
Light: Xallaun will be consumed in his own darkness. Your reach will let him overcome the power at the crucial point.

Break the gem: Light
Try to stop the phoenix: Dark (too much damage to Xallaun)

Ask him to come out and eat: Light
Leave him alone. He locked the door for a reason: Dark

Sleep Magic: Bad End
Continue using thorns: Continue

What are you hiding from me?: Dark
Don't let him get to you!: Light

Xallaun got expelled from knowing this forbidden spell: Very Dark
No one knows about this power at all?: Light

About your phasing ability: Light
About you knowing Tallyn Vhelenna: Dark
How you know about Star Planes and how to free us: Light
Why the phoenix declared you evil: Very Dark

Tell me who Xallaun really is!: Very Dark
Entangle her now! We must find Tallyn: Light

Call Xallaun for help: Bad End
Talk to Tallyn: Continue

I wouldn't have betrayed you: Light
If you were more honest before, I could've helped you: Dark

Keep shouting to them about Tallyn's plan: Continue
Try to convince Tallyn to stop: Bad End

Break my gem to the power source: Continue
Fight Tallyn with Zhel's gems: Bad End

Alexander's Route
Dark: When he feels he doesn't have your trust and support to break away from his tradition
Light: When he gets your support to break away from tradition

Ask him to come out and eat: Light
Leave him alone.: Dark

Sleep Magic: Bad End
Continue using thorns: Continue

What are you hiding from me?: Dark
Don't let him get to you!: Light

Concentrate on the mission.: Light
What is the truth?: Dark

Your secret: Dark
Us: Light

I do like you. Please don't hurt me: Dark
I didn't know you were this kind of person!: Light

Get it over with... Light
We have no time for this!: Dark

How could you endanger the people here?: Bad End
I still trust you: Continue

Kione's Route
Dark: Feed Kione's and your own paranoia
Light: Calm Kione's and your own paranoia

That negative energy's related to us. What is it?: Dark
Our safety comes first. Go to the gate back at the palace: Light

We should be careful: Dark
He seems like a reasonable person: Light

We can trust Cyraen. Try not to scare him: Light
It's strange. What is he hiding?: Dark

It's too dangerous to continue: Bad End
Concentrate on that image we saw long ago: Continue

I don't trust them either: Dark
They mean no harm: Light

We'll always have each other: Dark
At least give some of the others a chance: Light

Yeah, he doesn't trust us: Dark
Anyone interested will want to witness it firsthand: Light

I've been in love with you for so long: Dark
Admiration is not love: Light

He most likely needs to feel he's doing his job: Light
He shouldn't watch us. We're in control here: Dark

I hate him!: Bad End
Let me go!: Continue

Zhel's Route
Tell the phoenix to stop this: Dark
Reach out for him: Light

I'll return later with aid: Light
Please understand and let me go: Dark

Be healed: Dark
Wake him up: Light

He remembers me. He won't hurt me if I shield Alexander.: Bad End
Even if he's a divine being, magic can't be useless!: Continue

You were always worthy of me: Light
Please stop using your power on me. I can't handle it: Dark

Ralys and Hazel are hurt! Stop the fighting and heal everyone!: Dark
Xallaun and Cyraen are breaking out of the spell! The fight must go on!: Light

It's really hard to resist the current you: Dark
I already fell in love with your old self: Light

You're a slave to the magic!: Light
Can you really become a better hero?: Dark

Stop Alexander: Bad End (Death)
Help Alexander: Continue

Getting Endings (Chapter 9)

To get a particular ending, you must have two choices that corresponds with your desired ending.

Zhel's Light Route Endings:
Hint: Ending 13: Remind him he's a hero and encourage him to be one
Ending 14: Get him to be the old Zhel

You're a hero. Try again. You can do it: Ending 13
The only way to stop this is to be your old self again: Ending 14

The important thing is that you didn't: Ending 13
I put them to sleep so it's okay: Ending 14

Remember that you admired Ralys for so long: Ending 14
Heroes can't kill each other!: Ending 13

Zhel's Dark Route Endings: Note: In V1.2, ending 15 won't work in an actual playthrough. To get it, you must use the shortcuts screen. This will be fixed in V1.3

Yes, I must reverse this now!: Ending 16
If I'm not careful, I'll be brainwashed and it's all over: Ending 15

Xallaun and I had moments. Will you forgive us?: Ending 16
You need me as a villain or else you heroes are useless:Ending 15

Try to get Lensha back!: Ending 15
I have no need for a weak ally: Ending 16

Kione's Light Route Endings:

Listen to Exallys: Ending 10
Listen to Kione: Ending 9

Let Kione prove it: Ending 9
Try making a deal with Exallys: Ending 10

No! Don't do it!:Ending 9
Wait for him to act: Ending 10

Kione's Dark Route Endings:
Please think about me instead: Ending 11
Force them out of the palace: Ending 12

Only the present is important: Ending 12
Our past is important. Let's reflect.: Ending 11

I became like this because of my dedication to Kione: Ending 11
If Kione won't love me, then I got these two!: Ending 12

Alexander's Light Route Endings: (In V1.2, the last choice has no effect so to get ending 6, you must choose the first two 'ending 6' choices. This will be fixed in V1.3)

Go after the wizards: Ending 5
Go to Alexander: Ending 6

Punish him: Ending 5
I can't do this. : Ending 6

Stall her from healing herself: Ending 5
Ask her of the plans: Ending 6

Alexander's Dark Route Endings:

I'm sorry. I should've trusted you: Ending 8
I know you only accepted them to save me: Ending 7

You can make a mistake in your judgment: Ending 7
I want things to work out so you have to reassure me: Ending 8

Do you love Tallyn?: Ending 7
Don't you want to escape this tradition? Ending 8

It's not fair to the wizards Ending: Ending 7
I'm a hostage: Ending 8

Xallaun's Light Route Endings:
Kiss Him: Ending 1
Slap him: Ending 2

Xallaun must wield the full power of the stars.: Ending 2
Xallaun must keep his humanity!: Ending 1

Make sure everyone's all right: Ending 2
Help Xallaun: Ending 1

Xallaun's Dark Route Endings:
He is not your enemy: Ending 4
I can't go to you until you become the kind Xallaun again: Ending 3

Make a deal: Ending 3
Use his fear: Ending 4

It's not your fault: Ending 3
If only you fought against the stars: Ending 4

Cyraen's Light Route Endings:
You don't know if the others are dead yet!: Ending 21
You controlled it well before. I'll trust you: Ending 22

If you go alone, you may never come back: Ending 22
You said you'd lose it if you don't see my face: Ending 21

You'll hurt Cyraen if I die: Ending 22
If we share this power, we are on the same side: Ending 21

Cyraen's Dark Route Endings:

My decisions were for our future: Ending 23
I didn't mean to control you: Ending 24

You must care! They are a part of you.: Ending 23
Have they always been nothing to you?: Ending 24

I can accept you as long as you don't do anything to the others.: Ending 24
You can't use them as servants. Remember how you were one: Ending 23

Ralys's Light Route Endings:

Let Ralys attack: Ending 17
Use sleep magic: Ending 18

Wake up from your delusion!: Ending 18
I'm part of your destiny now, too!: Ending 17

Fight Ralys!: Ending 18
Snap Ralys out of it.: Ending 17
Go after the Princess of Ruin!: Bad End

Ralys's Dark Route Endings:

What you believe in is not a lie: Ending 19
Reality isn't that bad: Ending 20

We have to get out of here or else we'll never escape: Ending 19
We have to stay in here so they don't become Ruin Knights: Ending 20

Why are Xallaun and Ralys your Ruin Knights?!: Ending 19
I came here for you, Ralys! You can't doubt my reasons!: Ending 20