Saphylla is the seer of the holy land, Lefalle. With the gift to see the future, she prevents disasters by telling the people what could happen.



Spade is a member of the Sacred Guard, one of the most powerful forces protecting Lefalle. He is also Saphylla's childhood friend.

With his serious attitude, it is difficult to see his compassion.



He is one of the high wizards from a faraway kingdom. He has travelled far to find Saphylla, seeking her visions.

He is calm and resourceful in times of danger. He isn't one to give up when he is on a mission.



Tempest is destructive and chaotic. He calls himself one of the "Chosen Ones" that will shape the future.

He won't let the seer's visions get in his way and will set aside his current mission just to win a fight.



Zyphirez is a demon who tries to remain a mystery. No one knows who he is allied with or how strong he really is.

He seeks out Saphylla because he is interested in her current affairs.



He is a demon lord who was sealed away long ago. After his release, many demons have become upset. He, too, is interested in Saphylla's current affairs.