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Princess of Ruin
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The kingdom of Razileth had once plunged the world into darkness. In those dark times, heroes emerged and defeated the rulers of the kingdom, leaving it in ruins.
Many magical spells were lost after the kingdom’s destruction. One of the most powerful spells was the Cleansing Circle. This magical prison had been used to cleanse prisoners of evil thoughts and impurities.

Fifty years after the kingdom’s downfall, one young man unearths the lost art of the Cleansing Circle and releases the prisoners inside. Feeling brainwashed instead of cleansed, the prisoners strive to reverse the effects of the cleansing magic.


This is an otome visual novel where the main character develops a romantic relationship with one of the male characters.

This visual novel also features an interactive story where player choices determine the ending of the story.


· Original sound track
· Six obtainable guys
· CG count: 48 and counting
· Other features: to be announced

Heartstring Bugs Released!

New: The game guide is up. Check it out on the forum.

It’s finally done. There were so many bugs to fix, and I have to thank the beta testers for finding all of them. There were ten times more than I expected. Click here to check it out!

Game Summary

Genre: Slice of Life, Otome, and Supernatural

Game Play: Dating Sim

After having a disappointing first year of high school, Elly wants to open herself up to other people. A chance encounter with a baby virus grants her the ability to see emotions of other people, which also gives her an extra boost of confidence. Raise Elly’s stats and watch the events unfold!

Original character art and backgrounds
An original sound track
Five male love interests, and three female friendships
Over 200,000 words
Event-based, stat-raising system
A clothing system

You can also support by buying the original soundtrack.

I hope you all have fun. After two and a half years, I’m content. Give me a shout on the forum, here, or wherever so I know what you thought. =)

Display Problems?
If you run into display problems such as clothes not showing up, buttons not showing up, or the shop buttons don’t show up, you’ll have to update your drivers. If that doesn’t work, force the game to run with software renderer, or one of the other available options. Click here for more information.

Dating Sim’s Almost Complete!

Edit: The applications are now closed.

Heartstring Bugs is nearly complete and will enter the beta phase really soon. I am trying to finish programming everything in, add in missing graphics and fix all the bugs. Before it can be released, I need some beta testers. The beta will be out sometime on the 26th to the 31st of this month. I’ll need dedicated beta testers who will be able to spare much of their time to play the game multiple times, report various bugs, and more. This game is quite big so please make sure you have time on your schedule before signing up!

The game consists of
-5 romances, 3 friendships
-Mix and match clothing system
-45 CGs
-Over 200,000 words
-All original music

Here are some final screenshots

If you are interested, sign up below. I will be leaving the form here until the twenty-sixth. This will give everyone who has been keeping up with the game a chance to see it. If you have any questions, post it on the comments section or email me.

Programming is a pain

It’s almost October? Darn. I didn’t want to it to take this long. The programming is killing me. Doing one thing takes up so many hours mostly because I’m not good at it. >_<


I’ll post the progress again to let you all know where I’m at.


Writing: 100%

Editing/Proofreading: 100%

Sprites: 100%

Backgrounds: 100%

GUI: 100%

CGs: 95%

Other Art: 99% (Mostly touching up messed up art, and adding in art that I somehow missed)

Music: 100% (With specific touch ups)

Dress Up System: 100%

Programming 76% (This one is a bit tricky to judge right now)

As you can see, everything depends on how fast I can program and how many times I get stuck on one small thing. There’s still a ton of balancing to do. It may sound strange but I finally got a character to confess to me yesterday in the game. I really need to tweak the stats. The game is too hard for me and I know what to do.  Before I started this, I thought it’d be easier to do but here I am, over two and a half years later still working on this project.

I also need to thank the colouring assistants for doing all the base colouring for the CGs. It saves a lot of time.

I hope you guys are looking forward to the game and I’ll be recruiting beta testers soon. I will put up a sign up form here on the blog once I’m close to finished with the programming. =)

~…Until next time!




CGs and Programming Left

*Phew. It’s been a long week for me, especially when I finalized the dress up system, interface and a bunch of other things.

All that’s left now are CGs and programming. Programming is going to be the toughest part since I still have to piece a lot of things together. I’m itching to actually colour again. Programming the dress up system and the interface has been driving me nuts, but I should make it.

Pushing Towards the End

I’m getting close to completion but I’m still not there yet.  Here’s the new progress update.

Compared to the old progress report:

-Writing has jumped from 92% to 100%

-User Interface has jumped from 80% to 90%

-Sprites has jumped from 60% to 100%

-Backgrounds has jumped from 90% to 100%

-Music has jumped from 95% to 100%

-Other art has jumped from 85% to 95%

-Overall progress has risen nearly 10%.

Here are the cleaned up sprites. If you looked at the old ones, you’ll notice slight clean up differences but otherwise,  here’s the cast. What took most of my time is trying to draw corn rows… -_-.

I’ll see you all next time!

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone. The day’s almost over and instead of going out, I used this day to work on Heartstring Bugs.

I’m almost done drawing chibis for the simple animations that shows up when you choose an activity. I have to draw the missing ones and code them all which is the hardest part.
Here are examples if you are curious.


The characters in this sim change their clothes based on the season and the occasion. Here are some of them.

Here is the updated inventory screen where you decide what to wear for your date. You probably won’t own this many clothes as I have the “all clothes cheat” on for testing purposes, unless you’re a clothing nut. =)



And where am I in progress now? Here we are! It only went up about five percent since the last update, but every 0.1% counts. XD

Sorry about neglecting this blog, I’ll try to update more often even if I don’t have much to show.

Legend of the Piper Girl Released

It’s been a while but I haven’t disappeared. I’ve been working on a visual novel for Nanoreno, where a person tries to make a game in a month. I couldn’t make it on time but here it is.

This is a hidden object, supernatural visual novel. You must find music to advance through the story. There is one real ending and one bad ending. Enjoy!

Download it here.

If you enjoyed the game, the ost is available by download.

Check it out here.

Some of you may ask, “what about Heartstring Bugs?”
I will resume working on that after a few days rest.
In summary, Heartstring Bugs still needs a lot of CGs, but the sprites are nearly complete. The ending needs to be written and the programming may take a while. Thanks for keeping up with me on this sim.
The only thing complete is music.