Princess of Ruin Is Out!

Princess of Ruin Is Out!

Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce Princess of Ruin is officially
out! Check it out here!



* · 6 obtainable guys
* · 24 unique endings
* · 85+ unique CGs
* · Just over 315,000 words
* · Approximately 7-9 hours per playthrough
* · 22 original tracks

This visual novel is available on windows, mac and linux. Buy it once
, and you get Princess of Ruin for all three operating systems.

The original soundtrack by ExPsyle is also available here.

albumI hope you enjoy this visual novel as much as we had making it!

Heartstring Bugs Released!

New: The game guide is up. Check it out on the forum.

It’s finally done. There were so many bugs to fix, and I have to thank the beta testers for finding all of them. There were ten times more than I expected. Click here to check it out!

Game Summary

Genre: Slice of Life, Otome, and Supernatural

Game Play: Dating Sim

After having a disappointing first year of high school, Elly wants to open herself up to other people. A chance encounter with a baby virus grants her the ability to see emotions of other people, which also gives her an extra boost of confidence. Raise Elly’s stats and watch the events unfold!

Original character art and backgrounds
An original sound track
Five male love interests, and three female friendships
Over 200,000 words
Event-based, stat-raising system
A clothing system

You can also support by buying the original soundtrack.

I hope you all have fun. After two and a half years, I’m content. Give me a shout on the forum, here, or wherever so I know what you thought. =)

Display Problems?
If you run into display problems such as clothes not showing up, buttons not showing up, or the shop buttons don’t show up, you’ll have to update your drivers. If that doesn’t work, force the game to run with software renderer, or one of the other available options. Click here for more information.