Princess of Ruin Sale and Newest Project Website Up!

Hi everyone! Princess of Ruin is 30% off until the 18th! Get it here!

As some of you know, I’ve been working on a new project. It’s been going slowly in the past year but I didn’t want to rush it. What is this new project? It’s called Shrouded in Haze, a fantasy otome visual novel which I’m hoping you’ll love.

The reason it took a while for me to announce this project is I’ve been rewriting it a couple times and I’ve also gotten busy in the past year. Unsatisfied with the previous few drafts, I finally have something that I’m excited to share.

We have a seer as a main character this time. Her power to see the future is sought after by many and depending on her decisions, it can change the future. That is what I’m going for and I hope you’ll love it when I polish the demo.

You can see more information on the website by clicking here!

Please be patient as I’m still updating my website as more art gets polished.

I’ve also disabled the forum because the person who took care of bots and forum upgrades has moved on. Since I take care of most things on my site and my project, taking care of the forum takes up extra time. By disabling my forum, it’ll allow me to spend more time on my project.

I plan to put up the walk-throughs on a separate page when I have time. Thank you for your understanding!

Princess of Ruin Updated to Version 1.4

Hi guys. I just uploaded the newest version of Princess of Ruin. This one includes a bug fix and mostly just CG fixes.

The changelog is here.

It might seem strange that I’m updating CGs but I’ve made a few image errors in the last update.

I can’t see the final image errors sometimes since I’m using an old and small monitor with dead pixels…for a while now. ^^;


It should be replaced soon though! I’m going to invest in a larger monitor so I can see details better.


Princess of Ruin Is Out!

Princess of Ruin Is Out!

Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce Princess of Ruin is officially
out! Check it out here!



* · 6 obtainable guys
* · 24 unique endings
* · 85+ unique CGs
* · Just over 315,000 words
* · Approximately 7-9 hours per playthrough
* · 22 original tracks

This visual novel is available on windows, mac and linux. Buy it once
, and you get Princess of Ruin for all three operating systems.

The original soundtrack by ExPsyle is also available here.

albumI hope you enjoy this visual novel as much as we had making it!

Beta registration is now closed.

Beta registration is now closed. I’ve received a good number of submissions so it’ll take me a while to go through them all.
If you’re selected, you’ll receive an email by October 23rd, EST.

I’ll post here again once all emails are sent.

If you don’t receive an email by the 23rd, I may still send out emails if I need more testers later on.

Thanks for your interest!

Princess of Ruin Beta Registration

Hey everyone! You can now sign up for the beta!

If you pre-ordered, please log into the product download page and follow the instructions there. You guys will have a separate registration form.

Sign Up Here

Registration will end on October 20th. You will be notified shortly after you’re selected.

How long will the beta test be? Princess of Ruin is quite long, over 275,000 words with twenty-four endings. There are four endings per guy. You will get a better idea on the branching here so please keep in mind that it won’t be a short test!

Everything depends on what needs to be fixed. If you have any questions, contact me or leave a message here.